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Marina Skua photo

My name is Marina. I'm a fibre crafter, tech editor and video podcaster, based in Bath, UK. I dye and spin one-off and small batch yarns and fibre, working with locally-sourced materials from suppliers I know any trust. I tech edit knitting patterns for indie designers and publications. 

Both of my grandmothers taught me to knit as a child (I forgot how in between!), and I've loved working with yarn and textiles ever since.

Minimising waste, reusing materials where possible, and reducing the environmental impact of my work are hugely important to me as a human and business owner. This is why I only use natural fibres, and source them locally from farms I know and have visited where possible. 

My professional background is in publishing, where I worked in sales (and hated it) before moving over to print production and editorial. I loved copy editing and proofreading, so when I quit my full-time job to focus on making and freelance work, I wanted to keep up some desk-based, more cerebral work too, so I spend a lot of time tech editing knitting patterns. 

I have a video podcast on YouTube with a new episode each month – I chat about my current projects, give a behind-the-scenes look at some of my processes, and include some nice shots of nature. 

Into social media? You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry to keep up with what I'm doing – I'm @marinaskua everywhere!

If you like the work I'm doing and want to support the content I'm creating on the podcast, blog and social media, you can buy me a coffee. It's really easy, and always so appreciated!