Yarn bases

Mendip 4-Ply

Mendip is a 4-ply yarn spun in the UK from wool from a single flock of Shetland-cross sheep that graze the Mendip Hills in South-West England.

100% pure British wool

50g (1.75 oz) / 150m (164 yd) per skein

Recommended needle size: 2.75–3.25 mm (US 2–3)

The yarn is hand-dyed on two woollen-spun bases – Sunny and Stormy – to make co-ordinated colour pairs. Sunny is spun from naturally white wool that yields bright, clean colours. Stormy is a coloured base spun to the same specifications from brown, grey and black wool, and has more rustic, moody character. Both bases have a matte finish and pleasant toothiness that is perfect for colour work. The two Sheep colourways are the undyed wool.

The colour palette is inspired by the flora, fauna and changeable weather of the Mendip Hills, and is carefully considered to give a spectrum of shades that combine harmoniously.

Sourcing and processing

The wool is sourced from an eco-farm less than 20 miles from where I live. Effectively the wool is a by-product, as the sheep are raised primarily for meat. They are part of a holistic management system to regenerate the soil where they graze, adding back nutrients to land that was previously dedicated to mining.

The wool is scoured, then spun at one of two small mills; one in Yorkshire and one in west Wales. There are no plastic fibres and no superwash process involved – this means that this yarn, and whatever is made from it, will biodegrade. I do use synthetic dyes, but always ensure that the dye is exhausted in the pots so none is returned into the water system.

Mendip DK

Mendip DK yarn range

Mendip DK is a bouncy, airy lambswool yarn, hand-dyed in a range of rich and subtle solid/semi-solid colours. The naturally grey base is spun from a blend of white and dark-coloured wool sourced from the same single flock as Mendip 4-Ply in Somerset, UK. The wool used for the DK weight is from the lambs' first shearing, meaning it's a lovely soft fibre, and the mix of coloured fleeces gives a lovely heathered, tweedy effect. 

Woollen-spun, 3-fold yarn
120 metres / 131 yards per 50g skein
Needle size: 3.25–4 mm
100% British wool from a mixed-breed flock (primarily Shetland-crosses)

The colours are all inspired by the landscape, and the flora and fauna found on and around the Mendips.

Caia baby alpaca



Fine and soft with a delightful little halo, Caia is a yarn with gorgeous drape and gloss. The pure baby alpaca fibre is sourced from a single flock south of Bristol, and is spun in the UK. It's then hand-dyed in deep, rich variegated tones with shades that flow into each other. 

The yarn is a very light 4-ply / fingering weight with a low twist for softness and drape. As with all my yarns, it is a completely natural-fibre yarn with no superwash or man-made fibres. 

100% pure British baby alpaca. 50 g (1.75 oz) / 230 m (250 yd) per skein

Recommended needles: 2.25–2.75 mm (US 1–2)