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Episode 16 of the Podcast – Halo mitts, velvet trousers, new books and making pasta

This month's episode is a nice slow one!

I talk about the Pebbles & Pathways socks I finished knitting and the downsides of superwash yarn (yay for natural fibres!).

I spend some time talking about and knitting the Halo mittens, which have been designed by Rebekka Mauser in my Mendip 4-Ply yarn.

There's also a nice little glimpse of my latest sewing project: some brick-red velvet trousers. I've recently started a Patreon page, where patrons have access to bonus content, including a making-of video for the trousers! 

Towards the end of the episode there's a non-verbal segment showing my first attempt at making fresh tortellini, filled with some of the squash we grew in our garden (which you can see in the previous episode!).

All music is by Doctor Turtle


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