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Episode 29 of the Podcast – Frost and fog, yoke design, woven wool, tiny baskets and making cordage

Join me as I celebrate the start of a new year, and some ambitious project goals for 2021. I've finished knitting a couple of yoke designs, finished the fabric I was weaving in the last episode and have discovered the joy of making cordage and baskets from local plants. 


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Show notes:

The Boskular pattern is available on my website and on Ravelry. The yarn is Number 2 in Shale and Pentland in Willow from Garthenor Organic.

The Pearroc Shawl pattern is available on my website and on Ravelry.

Project notes for my knitting are on Ravelry.

Fluff to Stuff on Instagram

Judith Needham willow weaving.

Sally Pointer's channel is great for foraged and ancient textile methods. 

Flaxland UK flax growers.


Intro music is Dead from the Beginning, Alive to the End by Doctor Turtle

Calmant by Kevin MacLeod


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