Knitography Retreat in Norway – Part 3

Knitography Retreat in Norway – Part 3

Make sure you read Part 1 and Part 2 first! 

Snowy slopes

After a morning at Fannremsgården we went over to a small ski resort, where we spent time in a little wooden shelter by the slopes. We had brought food and grilled it over the fire whilst enjoying the scenery and some of the group went off for a little skiing. 

Knitters by the slopes

I didn’t ski, because I always get bored of it at the worst possible time and it’s no fun for anyone then. Zero ski stamina.

Norwegian flag in a snowy cabin roof

I love that there were grasses and tiny saplings – and apparently flags – growing out from under the snow on the roof. 

Janette by the fire

So instead I stayed and chatted with some lovely friends, did some more spinning in the snow and we ate and drank to keep warm.

Rachel keeping warm

I think I'm going to need to make a drapey cowl–poncho shoulder-wow because Rachel's look here is regal. 

Sunlight on snowy pine branches

After a while I strayed off with a couple of others for a little walk to take in the scenery. I really do love how the snow sits so perfectly on the branches. It's the little things in life. 

Snowy pine with blue skies

Sunlight through wintry trees

Snow on twigs and trunks

Sun over tree-covered hills and snow

Coming back to the little hut, filled with friends making and chatting, felt like coming home. 

Hut in the snow

I then didn't knit or spin for a while. There's something calming about watching other people making and working with their hands. I spent some time watching and listening; occasionally talking. 

Janette using a knitting belt

Janette is from Shetland and knits in the traditional style: lots of colours, specific motifs, and using a knitting belt!  

Maria's hands knitting

Maria was making colourwork socks in a really pretty colour combination.

Marce crocheting by the fire

Marce was crocheting a hat – and making really speedy work of it – from some of my naturally dyed Mendip 4-Ply. 

Sofia's colourwork knitwear

Patricia in a green hat

I think Patricia had finished this green hat quite recently, and it's a lovely one! 

After a calm, chilly and bright afternoon we went back to the hotel to prepare for the next day. On the Sunday we stayed in as the hotel was hosting a knitters' afternoon tea. Dozens of local knitters came to chat, sing folk songs, eat an overwhelming quantity of the most delicious cakes and nibbles, and of course knit. 

In the evening we went back over to the Norway Building, where we'd been a couple of days before, for a fiddle concert by Sturla Eide. We learned about the complexities of the Hardanger fiddle, some local musical history and about Norwegian folk music, as well as hearing some truly delightful music. 

Trondheim by boat

 The next day was my last in Norway. We returned to Trondheim in the morning and went for a very chilly boat tour up the Nidelva river through town.

Boats and trains

It was a somewhat chilly day. 

Joyce keeping warm

Joyce has the best solutions to life's problems. Even this getup would prove insufficient protection against the icy wind out on the water. 

Paige and Sofia by the waterThere was lots of hugging for warmth as we waited for our boat.

Prow of small boat

The boat was a tiny one – in a Viking clinker style. It sat low in the water and we were able to huddle together to keep warm. We also had tea out on the water. 

Trondheim from under a bridge

Houses in Trondheim

The iconic houses along the waterfront date back to the 18th Century, but are similar in style to ones that stood there earlier. It seems Trondheim used to occasionally burn down until they made some changes to the city planning. 

House on stilts in Trondheim

The stilts the houses stand on have to be periodically replaced as the wood rots in the water. 

Trondheim wharf house

Houses by the river in TrondheimFurther up the river the houses are a little less traditional. We then turned and went back the way we'd come.

Prow of boat in the river Nidelva

Wharf houses in Trondheim

And that's it – once we got off the boat we pottered a little through town, met friends, had some lunch, and then I gathered my bags for the bus to the airport. 

I had wanted to go to Norway since I was a child and fascinated by Vikings, and now I've been I know I'm going to have to try to go back. Though we came from around the globe, Trondheim isn't all that far from me in the UK. I hope one day to go and revisit friends, see more farms, meet more knitters and buy Norwegian wool. I feel like though every day was jam-packed with learning and culture and history, there's still so much to experience and find out. So here's to hope for the future. 

I really want to thank Patricia of Knitography FarmMidtNorsk Strikkefestival and Bårdshaug Herregård for the most unforgettable experience, and all of the friends who lent me their kind company. 


If you'd like to soak up a bit more of the atmosphere, I've made a short video of the trip, which you can watch below. 


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