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The Marina Skua Podcast is here!

I'm rather excited to announce that the first episode of the Marina Skua Podcast is live!

The video is on YouTube, and in it I talk about a couple of the things I'm currently knitting, the process for dyeing one of the colours for Marina Skua Mendip 4-Ply yarn, and I show how I blend dyed fibres to create batts for spinning and felting. 

​Episodes will be coming out monthly from now on. The best way to know as soon as the next episode comes out is to subscribe on YouTube. 

If you like the video it wou
ld be really helpful if you hit the thumbs-up button on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. I'd also love to hear if you have any comments, or any suggestions for things you'd like me to talk about in future episodes! You can email me or comment on YouTube.

I do hope you enjoy!

Show notes

The opening and closing shots were filmed just outside Bath, UK. 

The brown jumper I'm wearing is one I knit from my hand-spun yarn (wool and alpaca, undyed). The pattern is a modified version of Emily Foden's Soiree from Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 21

Marina Skua Mendip 4-Ply

Test knit sign-ups 

Color & Knit Mittens by Aleks Byrd – I'm knitting the Zik Zak Mittens

Woolyknit Linen Lux linen and cotton yarn

Fernhill Fibre (source of wool for Mendip 4-Ply and some of the fleece I use)

The batts I carded in the video 

Music is by Doctor Turtle

Title track

Second Track

Third track

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