Episode 32 of the Podcast: Botanically inspired knits, elasticating a bralette, spring garden check

It's feeling like spring is truly here! I've been continuing my recent trend of lots of grey knitting, with some green here and there. In this episode I chat about a couple of designs I've released recently (the Weod Yoke and the Earest Hat – links below). I also chat a bit about a couple of upcoming knit designs, and demonstrate how I add elastic to the Framework Bralette for a bit more support. There's also the first garden update of the year, and a look at some materials I've dyed with home-grown woad using different methods.


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Show notes:

Weod Yoke pattern, designed by me, and on Ravelry

Mendip DK yarn (colours used: Sheep and Beech)

Ironwork Tee by Dianna Walla (Paper Tiger Knits)

Earest Hat designed by me, and on Ravelry

Galdor Cardigan, designed by me, to be released in June: 

Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company: Blue Texel/Cheviot, Jacobs and Poll Droset limited edition yarns

Wild Wood Stitches project bags

Green socks

Romney Pure Sock by Annabel Williams (colour used: Green, Green Grass)

Framework Bralette by Jessie Maed Designs


Intro music is Dead from the Beginning, Alive to the End by Doctor Turtle

Let's Just Get Through Christmas by Doctor Turtle

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