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Episode 43 of the Podcast: Mendip 4-Ply – new yarn shades and knit project inspiration, and hand-spun knitting

A look at lots of Mendip 4-Ply yarn to celebrate a recent shop update, and lots of project inspiration from some previous knits of mine. There's also an early glimpse of a project I'm knitting in some hand-spun yarn.


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Show notes:

I'm wearing Galdor and Dryopteris.

Mendip 4-Ply yarn.

Fanlight has now been released as an individual pattern (Photos of Fanlight credit to Melinda Dela Costa)


Halo Mittens by Rebekka Mauser

Contorta by Carolyn Kern

Kronblad by Verena Cohrs

Vanilla Heirloom by Verena Cohrs

Opula (by me!)

Plicatum Hat and Plicatum Mitts

Rhombille by Gina Rockenwagner

Caia Baby Alpaca (which I used held together with Mendip for the Plicatum patterns and my Rhombille) 

And I'm making Llif by Theresa Shingler in hand-spun yarn


Intro music is Dead from the Beginning, Alive to the End by Doctor Turtle

The piece in the middle segment is You're Right But I'm Me

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